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Good research paper topics - how to choose.

In this short section, we will attempt to give students an overview of essay, term paper, and research paper topics. We’ll give you some guidance on how to identify good topics, and how to obtain excellent topic ideas that are original and interesting.

Various categories to take note of when seeking out research or term paper ideas

Remember this list of musts:

A good assignment topic should always be unexplored. If your reader has to read about a subject that’s already been dissected by someone else, chances are it will seem redundant and uninteresting.

Research paper topics must, in themselves, be catchy. Your title will stand out more if it hooks the reader and compels them to delve into the content.

Your topic can and should hold the promise of answering a question pertinent to the reader.

A good term paper topic will encompass the majority of the semester’s work. Even if it concentrates on one area, it should still involve all areas of study that have been explored throughout the school term.

A college paper topic should always be relevant to the trends we find ourselves in. Harping on something that’s old news can be detrimental.

What a topic is NOT:

A topic should never be too broad. Focus in on a particular area.

At the same time, a research paper or term paper topic should also never be too specific. There needs to be enough material to write about.

A topic isn’t something thought up by just anyone. Writers who think in line with academic circles should be the ones to come up with decent topics that speak to that particular field of study.

Topics that are flat will fail to impress. A vibrant description of what you are writing will energize your writing process, whereas a flat topic will result in flat content.

Where should you be looking for decent topic ideas?

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